Mayor Nutter Endorses Dick Allen for the HOF

Nutter - Frog - Jenkinson

Mayor Michael Nutter with Frog Carfagno and Bill Jenkinson at Philadelphia City Hall.

What a great day in Philadelphia yesterday when Mayor Michael Nutter held a press conference to announce his support for Dick Allen’s name to be added to the Golden Era ballot.

Frog, Bill Jenkinson, and Richard Allen Jr. joined the mayor at the press conference, explaining how the campaign came to be and poining out all the reasons we believe Dick belongs in HOF.

It was a tremendous shot in the arm for the campaign as we come down the homestretch. Newspapers and website acround the country have been carrying the story. It’s truly NATIONAL NEWS!

An announcement about the Golden Era ballot is expected any day now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of this noble effort.

Watch the Video

Stan Hochman Column

Donald Hunt Story

Philly CBS Article


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