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1969 Baseball Card

Dick Allen’s 1969 baseball card.

Come on People!

We need plenty more signatures on this petition. It is very easy. We have more than 2,000 people on the Facebook page supporting Dick Allen for the Hall of Fame, but so far only a little over 100 people have signed the petition! That is just not acceptable.

Just becasue the Golden Era Committee doesn’t meet again for a couple of years doesn’t mean we will ease the pressure on the injustice that happened in December. Remember we worked our tails off to fall one vote short and we used every resource to put together an excellent case. This petition was not part of our case. However, the next time around we really want it to be included.
Dick Allen deserves much better than what we have now.

Thanks Mark “Frog” Carfagno.



3 thoughts on “Sign the Petition!

  1. If anyone belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame it’s Dick Allen. I was a young boy watching Dick Allen play for the Phillies back in the 60″s. Its was his play and the rest of the team that made me a fan of Baseball and especially the Phillies


  2. Dick Allen should absolutely be in the Hall…the Wampum Walloper! He was one of the premier power hitters in the 2nd dead ball era of the 1960’s. NL ROY ’64, AL MVP ’72 (just missed Triple Crown with CHISOX) and 7x All Star. Considered by many baseball historians to be one of the top four long ball crushers of all time (Ruth, Foxx, Mantle and Allen). He overcame extreme harassment in minor league ball in Little Rock Ark and rough treatment by Philly fans during the racial turmoil of the 60’s. Willie Mays was quoted as Allen hitting the ball harder than anyone he ever saw. Anyone who saw one of his titanic shots leave Connie Mack Stadium will never forget him. Get him in the hall already!!!
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