New Dick Allen Book and Happy Hour

The recently released book about Dick Allen titled; “DICK ALLEN , THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BASEBALL IMMORTAL”  and Illustrated Biography,  written by William Kashatus can now be purchased at most Barnes & Nobles Stores.  It may also be purchased on the Schiffer Publishing website Also on Monday July 24th Kashatus will be a guest on WBCB Radio 1490 AM on a segment called THE BULL SESSION. The show is hosted by longtime Phillies Public Address Announcer Dan Baker along with former Phillies slugger Greg “The Bull ” Luzinski. Former Phillies and MLB player Gary Matthews will also be a guest. The show will be taped at Chickie & Pete’s in South Philadelphia at Noon. Kashatus will have books available for sale and signings. Bill also will hang around for a few hours since the Phillies are playing at home that night. Most of Kashatus’s other appearances will be in early August at various Barnes & Nobles stores. The location of the stores will be in Philadelphia, Plymouth Meeting, Chester County and Wilmington, DE.  Bill will let me know the exact date and times when they are confirmed.  You can find that info on Facebook on the Dick Allen Belongs In The Hall of Fame Group page. We ask that you request to be a member if you are not already. Someone had mentioned to me that since this campaign has grown with people who support Dick Allen that perhaps we should have a Dick Allen Happy Hour. I think the 24th of July would be a great day to start.


Book Signing This Saturday

Great news!. The first shipment of Bill Kashatus’ new book about Dick Allen has arrived. He will be signing copies this Saturday, June 17, starting at noon at the Barnes and Noble, 150 West Swedesford Road in Devon.

Call ahead to make sure the book is in stock….610-695-600.

Hope to see everyone there!


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Some holiday discussion points

As you enjoy the holidays, discussion will inevitably come around to whether Dick Allen belong in the Hall of Fame. Here are some facts you can use to back up your argument that, yes, he does indeed Belong in the Hall of Fame.

Below is a link to download the same document so you can print and take with you.


  • Dick Allen is 20th All Time with a Career OPS+ of 156
  • In the Live Ball Era, Dick Allen is tied for 13th in OPS+ with Willie Mays, ahead of Hank Aaron and Joe DiMaggio both with a 155 OPS+ 
  • For ten seasons (1964-1973), Dick Allen’s 165 OPS+ ranked FIRST. First. He was ahead of 17 future Hall of Famers including Aaron, McCovey, Frank Robinson, Killebrew, Stargell, Clemente, Yastrzemski, Kaline and Santo.
  • Dick Allen’s career .912 OPS is 55th All Time
  • Dick Allen’s career .534 Slugging is 42nd All Time
  • Dick Allen’s career 69.9 Offensive WAR is 61st All Time
  • For 11 seasons from 1964-1974, Dick Allen had the SECOND HIGHEST Slugging Percentage, trailing only Hank Aaron.
  • Dick Allen’s Offensive WAR from 1964-1974 was 68.3. That ranked him first for all position players, ahead of Hank Aaron (63.7), Frank Robinson (58.8), Carl Yastrzemski (55.2), and Joe Morgan (55.2).
  • Dick Allen is 10th in career Walk Off home runs.
  • From 1964-1974, Dick Allen ranked 2nd in Extra Base Hits per At Ba. Willie Stargell was first, Hank Aaron third, Willie McCovey fourth, Frank Robinson fifth, Reggie Jackson sixth, Willie Mays seventh, Billy Williams eighth, Cesar Cedeno ninth, and Johnny Bench tenth.
  • Among first basemen, Dick Allen has a 31.68 Win Share per 162 games. Only one other player in history was higher: Lou Gehrig.
  • Dick Allen’s Black Ink Test Score of 27 ranks 70th All Time. That is better than 33 current Hall of Famers including his contemporaries Ernie Banks (73), Lou Brock (76), Roberto Clemente (88), Johnny Bench (109), Billy Williams (132), and Willie Stargell (142).
  • Dick Allen’s Grey Ink Test Score of 159 ranks 75th All Time. That’s better than 47 current Hall of Famers including contemporaries Roberto Clemente (81), Rod Carew (90), Ron Santo (96), Brooks Robinson (123), Joe Morgan (127), and Tony Perez (129).                                                                          


  • 1964 National League Rookie of the Year Award
  • 1972 American League Most Valuable Player Award
  • 7-time All Star 1965, ’66, ’67, ’70, ’72, ’73, ‘74
  • 2-time American League Home Run Champion 1972, 1974
  • American League RBI Champion 1972
  • 3-time Slugging Percentage Leader 1966, 1972, 1974
  • 3-Time OPS+ Leader 1966, 1967, 1972
  • 2-Time On Base Percentage Leader 1967, 1972
  • WAR Positon Player Leader, 1972
  • Total Base Leader 1964
  • 2-time Runs Created Leader 1966, 1972
  • 3-time Extra Base Hits Leader 1964, 1966, 1972
  • Base On Balls Leader, 1972
  • 20 Home Run Seasons: 10. 1964, ’65, ’66, ’67, ’68,  ’69, ’70, ’71, ’72,  ‘74
  • 30 Home Run Seasons: 6. 1966, ’68, 69, ’70, ’72, ‘74
  • 40 Home Run Seasons: 1. 1966
  • 100 RBI Seasons 3. 1966, 1970, 1972
  • 100 Runs Scored Seasons: 2 1964 , 1966
  • 200 Hit Season 1.  1964                                                      


Dick Allen hit 20 home runs that traveled over 500 feet in his career. Since the year 2000, only one player has hit a ball over 500 feet.

“Based upon the record of batsmen without the benefit of PED’S, Dick Allen is the single most Mightiest Hitter that Major League Baseball has produced in the last Half Century.”

From Bill Jenkinson, Baseball Historian and author of the book “BASEBALL’S ULTIMATE POWER.” Jenkinson is an expert on Home Runs and the distance they traveled and is a consultant for MLB, MLB TV, ESPN and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.


Of the top 500 players in Overall Wins, Dick Allen is 84th All Time. Others behind him include Gary Carter 85th, Reggie Jackson 87th, Whitey Ford 97th, Ryne Sanburg 101st, Roberto Clemente’ and Paul Molitor 106th, Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray 120th , Steve Carlton 138th, Harmon Killebrew 145th, Dave Winfield 169th, Willie Stargell 175th, Ernie Banks 196th and Billy Williams 231st.

There are 32 position players in the Hall of Fame who played fewer  games than Dick Allen include Joe DiMaggio, Phil Rizzuto, and Jackie Robinson.   

Since Major League Baseball finally required all teams to put fences around the outfield in the early 1900’s, Dick Allen is one of only two players to hit TWO INSIDE THE PARK HOME RUNS IN ONE GAME.  He accomplished the feat on July 31, 1972 in Minnesota against Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven.     

Dick Allen hit SEVEN inside the park home runs in his career. That ranked him fourth in his era.  First was Willie Wilson with 12. Second were Lou Brock and  Roberto Clemente with eight each. Next was Dick Allen with seven. Willie Mays was fifth with six,  and Mickey Mantle and Billy Williams were tied for sixth with five each.

In Relative Slugging since 1901, Dick Allen ranks 14th with a score of 139.6%. There are only three players from his era ahead of him: Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays. The only other players from his era to make the top 20 were Mike Schmidt (15th), Stan Musial (16th), Willie Stargell (17th), and Frank Robinson (18th). 

162 Game Average vs. Other Hall of Famers during the same Era

                               BA            HR           RBI            H            R                          

Willie Mays            .302           36            103           178          112

Hank Aaron             .305           37            113           185          107

Mickey Mantle         .298          36             102          163           113

Dick Allen               .292          33            104         171          102

Willie Stargell         .282           33            106           153            82

Eddie Mathews        .271           35              98           157          102

Ernie Banks             .274          33             105           166            84        

Willie McCovey        .270          33               97           138           77

Orlando Cepada      .297          29              104           179           86 

Frank Robinson       .294         34              105             170         106

Dick Allen’s Rank      6            6                 5               4             5           


Dick Allen vs. Mike Schmidt


Dick Allen        .292 33 104 171 102     

Mike Schmidt      .267 37 107 155 101    

Download the Ultimate List of Dick Allen Facts


Gene Mauch: “I’d take him in a minute.”

allen and mauchHere is a quote about Dick Allen from Phillies manager Gene Mauch from a story written by Craig R. Wright. It says a lot about Dick’s reputation among his peers.

“I’ve never been in contact with a greater talent. He was held in absolute awe by every player in the league. He had tremendous power. He had a great feel for the game and he was one of the finest baserunners – which is different from base stealing – that I ever saw.

If I was managing today and Dick Allen was in his prime, I’d take him in a minute.”

Campaign Gets a Boost from PA House of Representatives

Two Philadelphia-area legislators recently teamed up to bring some statewide recognition to our quest to get Dick Allen properly enshrined in the baseball Hall of Fame.

State Rep. Thomas Murt of Montgomery County and Rep. James Roebuck co-sponsored a resolution in the House of Representatives honoring Dick’s baseball legacy and asking that he be recognized along with the game’s greatest players.

Read Donald Hunt’s Story in the Philadelphia Tribune