Our Presentation

This presentation has been compiled to make the case that Dick Allen deserves to be included on the Golden Era Ballot, so he can be elected and inducted in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015.

Thanks to the dozens of teammates, opponents, managers, coaches, executives, media members, and others who took the time to write testimonials or share anecdotes about
Dick Allen, both as a player and as a man. We think the true, entire picture needs to be told to help offset some of the misperceptions that clouded his career and may have contributed to his lack of Hall of Fame support.

Allen Presentation


2 thoughts on “Our Presentation

  1. As a young African-American male growing up in Philadelphia during the sixties, I very much remember Mr. Dick Allen and how he was racially criticized by the Philly media!! His numbers are (ops) only second to the great Hank Aaron!! The way Mr. Allen was treated (along with every black athlete in Philly) should also be taken into account, considering Philadelphia was the LAST team to integrate!!! The “City of Brotherly Love” NEVER had much, if any love for the brothers!!! Production doesn’t care about color, only about production!!! Mr. Allen belongs in the baseball Hall of Fame, period!!!


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